Professional Data Recovery with a Personal Touch…….. with prices starting at £100

About Us


With a passion for Data Recovery stemming back to 2002, we use the most advanced equipment available on the market to provide Professional Data Recovery with a Personal Touch.

We can recover data from almost any hard drive, even if it is clicking, beeping, or simply appears to be “dead”.

With our dust free “clean room” environment we can perform internal disk repairs such as head or platter exchanges to bring some of the most damaged disks back to life.

24/7 emergency data recovery service available.

On site data recovery available. Useful when disks can’t leave the premises due to insurance or data protection policies.

We aim to have all jobs completed within 48 hours.

Some may take longer whilst others may be complete within the same working day.

We will do everything that we possibly can to recover your data. We go the extra mile. We want to get your data back.

Private and confidential Data Recovery. Your data is your business.

What can we recover data from?

Servers (including RAID arrays)


Apple Macs

NAS Storage systems


External USB drives

USB sticks

SD cards

CCTV systems



What to do now?

Turn the computer off ASAP. The longer it is left on, the more damage you may be doing.

Deliver it to us or contact us to use our fantastic courier service.

Always send your disk in padded / protective packaging with your contact details.

What happens next?

Once we have inspected the hard drive, we will ring you with our initial diagnosis and estimated costs, before any work starts.

Following a successful recovery, the recovered data can be presented on a new Hard Disk / USB drive or via secure weblink.


With single disk recovery costing £100-£400 and complex RAID reconstructions costing £500+ it really is a case of each job being priced on an individual basis.

No work will commence before price and realistic chances of recovery are discussed. We are here to help and will do everything possible to retrieve your data.

Recent jobs

  • Critical business data deleted in error. Recovered successfully from healthy office PC....

  • 10+years’ worth of business data recovered from a failed external USB disk that would not power on....

  • Apple iMac disk failure with 7-10years of data held within. No backup in place. All data recovered, new hard disk supplied and installed. Apple IOS reinstalled and all retrieved data copied onto new disk. Very happy customer! 🙂...

  • Server crashed. RAID 1 array with 2 failed disks. Data recovered, new drives supplied and server rebuilt with no data loss....

  • Deleted 1000’s of photos from PC by mistake. All images retrieved. Another happy customer! 🙂...

  • Crashed laptop. Disk not accessible via USB caddy. No backup. All data successfully recovered....

Other Services

Recovery of deleted data

Our main business is recovering data from failed disks, however we can also recover lost / deleted data.

Upgrade to an SSD

Cloning your existing disk to an SSD will massively improve the performance of your machine. With an SSD containing no moving parts, in comparison to a traditional hard drive with many moving parts, it is more robust and less prone to the casualties that traditional disks encounter.

Increase Disk size

Cloning your existing disk onto a larger disk, to allow you to work with more free space

Data Migration

Migrating your existing data from 1 machine to another. Commonly required when a new PC/laptop or server is purchased with all data still present on the “old” machine.

Data recovery from password protected PCs/laptops/servers

We don't need passwords to recover data. Don't worry if you have forgotten your password

Professionally Wipe Disks

Before disposing of your old computer equipment, have it professionally wiped so that nobody can access its data. Certificate provided to confirm the wipe has been successful.

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